Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Course One: Core dynamics of leadership 16th February 2016, Edinburgh - Full Day

  • Natural dynamics of leadership
    1. The DNA of leading and following
    2. Why we do what we do as leaders and followers
    3. Being a better leader
  • Hierarchies to networks – how to get the best out of your organisation’s leadership structure
    1. Streamlining hierarchies
    2. Empowering the powerless
  • Women, men and leadership – embracing the difference and enhancing leadership
    1. Managing perceptions
    2. Creating a positive dynamic
    3. Recognising and celebrating different styles

Course Two: Sharing leadership 24th March 2016, Edinburgh - Half Day              

  • Passing the baton – sharing and distributing leadership
    1. Shared leadership to lattice leadership options
    2. Applications for your organisation
  • Leadership in the wider realm
    1. Having a media presence
    2. Networks and external relationships
    3. External roles and industry presence

Course Three: Delegation and Empowerment 5th April 2016, Edinburgh - Half Day

  • Finding the balance
    1. Command control to servant leadership
    2. Transactional to transformational leadership
    3. Where to be on the spectrum and why
  • Team dynamics and maximising potential
    1. Team dynamics
    2. Maximising the team potential
    3. Internal team leadership

Course Four: Open Innovation 20th April 2016, Edinburgh - Half Day

  • External relationships 
    1. Partnerships to Consortia 
    2. Product / service design and Open Innovation  

Course Information:

  • Each component part costs:
    • £299 for public sector and third sector attendees from larger charities, with income of more than £1 million
    • £249 for third sector attendees from charities with income <£1 million
  • Anyone booking all four courses collectively will receive a 20% discount.

Course Objective:

The objective is to give leaders a better understanding of the dynamics that operate in a leadership-followership situation, so that they may be more confident and in control of the situation. It will empower both the leaders and their teams and have the power to enhance performance and peoples’ enjoyment of their work. Good leadership is ultimately effective leadership and will generate better outcomes.

Sending leaders on this course will not only be an investment in the human capital of the individual leader but will start to embed leadership as a positive culture across the organisation.

Content is intended to offer a modern take on leadership and the issues facing a leader in the current climate.

Your contribution: Courses will be designed with a considerable degree of flexibility so that participants are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences, inclinations and attributes in participative sessions with a high level of interaction between delegates and the trainer.

Your Trainer:  Dr Deborah Benson

Deborah was the first woman to become an M.D. of a larger scale construction company in Scotland and the first female (and youngest ever) director at the Miller Group, providing some interesting anecdotes and rather unique experiences. Her passion is leadership for success in life and business. With over 20 years at senior management levels, primarily in the construction sector, complemented by an MBA and Doctorate in Business Leadership, she combines high level experience with academic theory - ideas with reality. She has held a number of non-executive directorships in both the third and commercial sectors and is currently involved in this capacity with the EDI Group, Scottish Canals and Edinburgh Women's Aid.

Deborah has also set-up, runs, advises and invests in start-ups in diverse sectors from property to farming, the environment to media on the internet. Her non-exec roles in 'not for profit' organisations focus on those that encourage youngsters, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds to experience the joy of achievement and gain a better understanding of the business world.

As a horse trainer and with a BSc in Environmental Science, the natural world is also employed to illuminate her talks, again bringing a unique perspective.

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